RIP Sion Milosky

Article from Surfer Magazine March 17, 2011

Tragedy struck the surfing world on Wednesday when news broke that Sion Milosky, 35 of Kaleheo, Kauai, passed away while surfing Maverick’s in Northern California. According to a report by the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Sion had caught a handful waves before he took a two-wave hold-down and apparently drowned. The report went on to state that Nathan Fletcher found Sion’s body floating about a mile from the lineup.

Sion, who began his professional surfing career as a longboarder, rose to fame in recent years when he began paddling into some of the biggest waves ever recorded. Whether it was casually slipping into Second Reef Pipe or hucking himself over the ledge on the North Shore’s outer reefs, Sion was one of the most respected individuals in the big-wave surfing scene. As friendly as he was determined, Sion’s good-natured attitude made him a friend to all.

Having found a career as a professional surfer later in life, Sion spent many of his years working as a craftsman and building gates. Proud of his blue-collar background, Sion found solace knowing that he was able to provide for his wife and two daughters by working with his hands.

After gaining traction in the surf media in 2009, Sion’s career reached a crescendo this past winter when he graced the cover of three different surf magazines and was awarded $25,000 for winning Surfing Magazine’s North Shore Underground award.

With the momentum behind him, Sion began setting out to realize his dream of paddling into the biggest waves possible. “I’m planning on going even harder now,” Sion said in a recent interview. “I want to catch the biggest wave ever.”

Volcom has announced a fund that they have established to help his wife and two daughters in this most difficult time. All of the money collected will go straight to the Milosky family. Click here to donate.

On behalf of the entire SURFER staff, our hearts go out to Sion’s family and friends.

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